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Long Bay Artificial Reef Association News

January 2012 Update.


Hi Folks,


We hope all are off to a good start and will have a very successful 2012.


We are proud to announce that LBARA is off to a good start; we have officially been notified that once again we have qualified for a grant from the Coastal Recreation Fishing License funds.  This grant is for the establishment of AR-430.


The groundwork for this grant started in early 2008 when we petitioned the NCDMF for a permit to build a new artificial reef off Oak Island.  Once the NCDMF approved the request the long arduous process of other approvals started.


 The public hearing was held with NCDMF personnel in October of 2009 and a great turnout of 40 people (large for a artificial reef hearing) was unanimously in favor of our chosen site.  Once the hearing was over the NCDMF began to start working the paper through what we (LBARA) describe as a ridiculous amount of agencies.  Federal, State and Local.  Things aren’t as simple as they used to be. 


Along with the paperwork there were videos of the site to be made along with onsite investigation by divers confirming that we indeed had picked a barren site.  These went well.


As you know LBARA in 2009 was also preparing an application for a CRFL funds grant to enhance AR-440 and AR460.  This was granted and these enhancements took place in the summer/fall of 2010.  This project came in on time and under budget, and as a result, we were encouraged to seek another CRFL grant.


In 2011 the process was started to apply for another grant from the CRFL fund to deploy the first material on the new AR-430.


A very big tip of the hat goes to President Andy Fisher and our Marine Scientist Dick Stone for the fine job they did preparing the grant application.  Dick was very instrumental in preparing the first application in 2009.  Andy had handled the paying of bills and balancing of the books and corresponding with the state auditors during the 2010 project.  So they had great knowledge of what was required.  Good Job!


The plan is to truck 4,000,000 lbs of assorted concrete pipe to the NC State Port in Wilmington, NC then transport the material to the reef site by a private barging company.  AR-430 will be located approximately 2.5 sm South of Middleton Street Water Tower on Oak Island.


This grant is much tighter than the previous one but we feel we are prepared.  Thanks to some significant donations from LBARA friends we should be able to meet our share requirements of the program.


The final paperwork and bid process will probably not allow us to start moving pipe to the NC State Port in Wilmington until late June or early July.


Jim Knight has his Forklifts greased and ready and our crew from the 2010 project is intact and eager to get it done.


We hope everyone’s fishing gear is cleaned and ready because it will not be as long as it has been.


Bob Black


PS: Take a kid fishing and then purchase them a lifetime NC CRFL!


Direct LBARA questions or comments to: 
Andy Fisher at or Bob Black at


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