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GPS Coordinates For AR465
Gary Ennis Reef
465-01 N3323.3950' W07811.0580' CENTER MANCE SIDE SCAN Sonar
465-02 N3323.4000' W07811.0660' Mance Lassiter Pogie Boat
465-03 N3323.4100' W07811.0510' Concrete Manholes sections 03/02
465-04 N3323.4080' W07811.0520' manholes 03/02 total 150 tons
465-05 N3323.3760' W07811.0600' Pipe 05 NE corner
465-06 N3323.3820' W07811.0700' REEF BALLS regulars 50
465-07 N3323.4010' W07811.0150' ULTRA BALLS 25
465-08 N3323.3830' W07811.0160' Ultras 25
465-09 N3323.4240' W07811.0250' manholes 03/02
465-10 N3323.4240' W07811.0250' manholes sections 03/02
465-11 N3323.3600' W07811.0960' Pipe 05 Center
465-12 N3323.4160' W07811.0000' Ultra Reef Balls 01 25
465-13 N3323.4160' W07811.0050' Mance Lassiter Side Scan sonar 0
465-14 N3323.3850' W07811.1150' Pipe 05 NW corner
465-15 N3323.3830' W07810.9830' Ultras 25
465-16 N3323.3370' W07811.0910' Pipe 05 SE corner
465-17 N3323.3470' W07811.1270' Pipe 05 SW Corner
465-18 N3323.4160' W07811.1660' Reef Balls regular
465-19 N3323.7810' W07811.0940' Good Grouping Area 05 pipe

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